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Royce W. Fletcher, Inc. was founded in 1979. Since that time we have served client companies in the development of embedded system products of various types. Embedded system products use microprocessors to advantage in implementing specialized functions such as portable test instruments and complex board-level product designs.

We are capable of taking a product idea from concept to manufacture or of working in an integrated fashion with an in-house team.

Our design expertise includes electronic and mechanical hardware design, firmware design and software design resulting in complete product implementations.

Our designs make effective use of FPGAs, PLDs and both analog and digital circuitry as well as a variety of microprocessors and special integrated circuit functions.

We have also been retained on occasions to analyze and evaluate a client's existing equipment designs and design concepts.
Royce W. Fletcher, Inc.

Specialized User

Specialized External
Equipment Interfaces

Incorporation of
FPGAs and PLDs

Analog and Digital
Circuit Design